My services are billed hourly at my current rate which will be disclosed to you in our initial conversation. Commonly, I do an initial consultation for which I allow one hour at this rate. This is due at the time of the consultation. If my services are engaged, I require a written fee agreement and the posting of a retainer, some of which may be non-refundable depending on your situation. This will be disclosed up front and in writing. If you are receiving financial assistance from a parent or other source in order to address my compensation, I will require that such third-party sign your fee agreement, or an attendant document, as a guarantor. A portion of my time at the outset will be spent reviewing your materials and in discussions with you. Thereafter, I will render services that are appropriate to shepherd your case through the process in the most expedient and potentially favorable manner at the lowest cost.

I bill periodically. If the retainer is exhausted, I may require a supplemental retainer or submit bills which must be paid promptly upon receipt. Failure to pay my bills is grounds for termination of my services. If my services are concluded before the retainer is exhausted, I will promptly remit a refund of the unearned funds to you at the time I submit my final bill. The overall total cost of my services cannot be determined as it is strictly based on the time spent. No two cases are alike. Every one is unique to that person. All work is customized to you and your needs. In large measure, the time I spend is driven by other people, i. e. you, the Committee, the Supreme Court, etc. I try to work as intelligently and efficiently as possible to achieve the greatest benefit for the client at the least cost. When you consider the lifelong value of obtaining a license to practice law, the cost for my services will appear very acceptable I am sure.



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