This will largely depend upon when in the process you engage my services. The sooner the better. If you consult with me prior to completing the Certified Statement, I will probably have maximum benefit to you. If you have passed the bar and been withheld for character issues and then engage my services, which is probably the norm, it is still early enough in the process for me to make a difference. I can assist you in the remainder of the process, including appearing with you as your counsel at the hearing.

The exact value of my services is an elusive concept to determine. It should be clear that just because you hire me does not mean the Supreme Court will decide to admit you to practice law in New Jersey. My job is to assist you in presenting yourself as an integrated and complex human being to the Court in your most favorable light to allow the Court to make a fair and reasoned decision on whether you satisfy its requirements, including those set forth in Matthews, aforesaid, and the Regulations to be admitted to practice law in New Jersey.

If admitted, you will be an officer of the court. You will be expected to honor and follow all legal and ethical guidelines in the discharge of your duties. Judges and other persons of authority will take your word for a multitude of informational recitals. They need to know they can have confidence in you. Your word must be your bond. If the Court cannot achieve this requisite comfort level for you, which is your burden to establish, it will not admit you. Nothing I can do or say will alter that determination. That said, I believe there is great value in my perspective as an experienced practicing attorney and former Committee member on your circumstances good, bad or otherwise to assist you with how you conduct your affairs for the remainder of your life, whether you become licensed as an attorney of New Jersey or not. In my humble opinion, all modesty aside, I believe your application will be enhanced with my assistance. I will give you a very honest assessment of your profile and assist you every step of the way once involved.

All of the Justices on our Supreme Court are of the highest caliber of character, integrity, intelli-gence and fairness. I am confident that even though your certification may have been denied initially, or after a hearing, your further pursuit of licensure will be completely, fully and fairly reviewed by this Court, widely regarded as one of the best in the country. Bottom line, the sooner you get me involved in the process, the better your profile can be presented and probably the lower your fees will be.



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